My Background

I have a passion for three things: Marketing, Technology and Music. Wherever and whenever at least two of those disparate interests intersect, I get REALLY excited. A few times they have, include:

Greengate Media Ltd. – As Founder and Creative Director, I have taken Greengate ( from a one man band to a team of 25+ professional composers that produce music that is heard regularly on television networks and other media all around the world. Greengate’s success can be largely attributed to its industry-leading custom software platform, which connects composers, music libraries and placement opportunities, and allows us to more quickly and efficiently provide the music the industry needs TODAY. Very exciting stuff.

Technology Consulting – Through the years, I have developed a deep knowledge base in the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solutions, from many perspectives. As Product Manager for Borran Software, I led the development of a real estate industry-focused solution. As a user, I managed a national sales team for G-Sky Plant Systems. As a Sales & Marketing Consultant for BDO Canada, I sold Microsoft Dynamics CRM and helped configure it for western Canadian clients.

Marketing Management – More recently, I have applied my experiences in branding and marketing as Consultant to companies such as Denbow Ltd., Capstone Ridge, and others. By sharing my experiences and passions, I have helped either revitalize a brand, or revitalize their sales funnels.

Eliot Pister
Eliot Pister

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